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New Year, new moon. Today is the first new moon of the year and – according to astrological experts – this particular one is about starting anew and fresh with goal-setting. Was the start to your 2024 a little rocky? It could have been due to Mercury in Retrograde, which also ended today. With that, you may want to consider today as the real start of your New Year – not to mention, this New Moon is also in Capricorn, which provides extra tenacity and determination.

Hair Care in the New Moon

hair care in the new moon
new moon hair

Here at Fabio Scalia Salons, we value hair care as self care, and as such the salon culture often leans toward the spiritual. So when Fabio mentioned that the New Moon was the best time to get a haircut, we were intrigued. Cutting your hair in the days following the new moon has benefits documented in sources such as the Farmer’s Almanac and Mayan culture. And, new moons in water or earth signs are the most beneficial for healthy hair growth, some claim. Since he’d heard this from his Brazilian friends, we went straight to Daniela Peckova Watanabe, one of the sources, to dive in. 

Moonlit Reflections – Exploring the Moon’s Phases in Brazilian Hair Mystique

According to Daniela, lunar phases in Brazilian culture are not just astronomical events. They are also imbued with cultural significance and influence practices such as hair cutting and care. The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings. This phase, known as Lua Nova, is considered ideal for new haircuts or styles, thought to promote healthier, rejuvenated hair growth.

The profound respect for nature held by the indigenous peoples of Brazil is deeply interwoven with their observation of natural cycles, such as those of the moon. This reverence for the natural world is evident in their rituals and daily practices, and it may have significantly influenced the belief in the moon’s impact on various life processes, including hair growth.


How and when did you first learn about the benefits of cutting your hair during the New Moon, and what are those benefits?

From a young age, I was familiar with the concept. My understanding deepened through my practice of Ashtanga yoga, where the moon’s cycles are an important aspect, leading us to rest on both full and new moons. Additionally, my experience at a salon in Brazil, @SpaDeiaeRenata, which follows lunar cycles for hair treatments, reinforced this knowledge.

lunar hair
hairstyle for the new moon

Are there any other traditions or rituals associated with getting your hair cut in the New Moon?

Yes! These traditions reflect a deep connection with the lunar cycle, viewing it as a powerful influence on both the physical and spiritual aspects of life. The New Moon, in particular, is seen as a potent time for renewal and transformation, extending beyond mere hair care into broader aspects of personal well-being and spiritual growth.

1. Hydrating Treatments: Intensive moisturizing treatments using natural ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado, or aloe vera. These are believed to be more effective during the New Moon for deeper penetration and better hair rejuvenation.

2. Protein-Based Treatments: Treatments that focus on strengthening the hair, often using keratin or other protein-based products. The New Moon is seen as an ideal time to fortify and rebuild hair structure.

3. Scalp Treatments: Cleansing and nourishing the scalp with natural extracts like peppermint, rosemary, or eucalyptus. The New Moon is considered a good time to stimulate hair follicles for healthier growth.

4. Natural Hair Masks: Homemade or salon-prepared hair masks using ingredients like bananas, honey, or yogurt, believed to restore and revitalize hair more effectively when applied during the New Moon.

5. Trimming for Growth: A common practice is to trim the ends of the hair to promote healthier growth. Doing this during the New Moon is thought to maximize the benefit.

6. Aromatherapy and Relaxation Techniques: Incorporating elements of aromatherapy, massage, and relaxation into the hair treatment process, aligning with the New Moon’s theme of renewal and new beginnings.

7. Ritualistic Washing: A ritual wash using specific herbs or floral waters, often performed in a ceremonial manner, to cleanse the hair and scalp energetically.

hair treatment for the new moon
lunar hair care
healthy hair

Have you ever tried aligning your hair care with the lunar cycle?

In Brazil, it’s a common belief that the moon can impact the outcome of a hairstyle. When I was a teenager, dealing with a lot of hair volume and without a hair straightener, I intentionally avoided getting haircuts during the full moon. 

Also, if I got a haircut that I was not happy with I would consider cutting in the Waxing Moon (Lua Crescente) to make it grow faster. The Waxing Moon is the phase between the New Moon and Full Moon, where the visible portion of the moon is increasing. This phase is traditionally associated with growth and renewal, hence the belief that hair will grow quicker if cut during this time.

    About Daniela: 

    Daniela Peckova Watanabe, a Brazilian-Japanese talent in the fashion industry, is making her mark in New York as the Creative Director of HARMONIA NY. Arriving in the city with a mission to bring innovation and a fresh perspective, Daniela’s multifaceted interests – ranging from electronic music and tribal futurism to Ashtanga yoga and spiritualism – shape her distinctive approach to fashion. Her passion for Ashtanga yoga, particularly, influences her both personally and professionally, infusing her work with mindfulness and a balanced perspective. Daniela’s career also spans the modeling world, where she is represented by prestigious agencies such as Fenton NY, CGM Miami, and Nomad in LA, further showcasing her versatility and commitment to the fashion industry.

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