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It’s much more than choosing and applying a new color. So, you saw a photo on Instagram of your favorite celebrity having the most perfect example of balayage or colored hair that you’ve been desiring for months? You schedule your appointment and feel so excited: finally, your hair will be bangin’, and you’re not wrong. But, it might take a few realistic steps to get there. “As someone who began the long, process of dying my hair at an early age, it was all done through the at-home appointment with my mom and with my choice of a box colored dye; one day I have blonde hair, that night I’d have brown, simple enough right? Once I began to dramatically dye my hair at professional hair salons with desires of a bleached and cold tone, and then driving my stylists insane with wanting dark brown the next month, I realized that the process isn’t as easy as buy, apply, and bam, you got healthy, newly colored hair. After the long hours of processing the dye then cycling with the constant itch to keep switching it up every scroll through Instagram, I found inspiration. I spoke with  Giulia Farella, colorist at Fabio Scalia Salon in Brooklyn Heights as well as Kennedy Trisler, stylist assistant at Fabio Scalia, and they helped me understand that getting the color of my dreams is more to it than just choosing and applying new color.” –  Katie Ward   In this week’s blog post, we have gathered hands-on advice on how to get the look you deserve and desire. Step 1: Picking the Salon And hopefully, since you’re reading this it’s or will be Fabio Scalia Salon! As any professional stylist or colorist will say: doing your research matters on what type of haircut, style or color you’re looking for. Browse around, see the portfolios of what is offered because this is your hair. Step 2: The Consultation When scheduling your color appointment, a consultation will be required; colorist and client become unison of what is the expectation, the current color of the hair and what type of service and/or service steps will be realistically done to achieve such expectations. As Giulia states, this is where all honest, clear communication should take place before going further with the hair. Both hairdresser and client must be open in communicating on what can be done and what is truly expected; the integrity of the hair comes first. Which falls into the next step… Step 3: Reading The Photo: It’s easy to see a photo of a hairstyle or color and believe that the work could be done in one session, but in actuality, there was probably much more done to achieve that look. Giulia informs us that some hair photos you find online, either through magazines or Instagram, whether it be on a celebrity, model, influencer, etc., those luscious ombre/balayage/highlighted blonde ends could be extensions or had only been successfully and done with true integrity to the hair through multiple appointments.   Step 4: Matching Skin to Tone This step can seem a bit of surprise and one that can usually be overlooked in the process of consultation with the colorist to the client, which can sometimes lead to achieving the desired color but feeling a bit off with how it looks on you. That is because the tone is everything with it comes to finding the right shade to compliment the natural tones of your complexion, eyes, etc. This is typically done by seeing whether you have warm or cool skin tones; cooler skin tones show lighter skin of pink undertones with on average jeweled colored eyes of greens, blues, hazels, and dark brown can do about anything with blue, violet-red, platinum bases. Warm skin tones show olive undertones of golden, warmth in natural hair color of rich dark to lighter browns, typically glowing with red or orange bases (but not actual orange!) Step 5: How Much You’re Willing To Spend It’s no secret that pampering your hair’s integrity and maintaining its glamorous look can add up, but with open communication with your colorist of what you’re expecting through the steps and process to achieve the overall hair color and style you’re desiring, then a more detailed, compromised plan can be set in place. When going platinum blonde, monthly root-touch ups are required, as well for maintaining darker colors and/or balayage. Though if you’re schedule or commitment cannot always be set month to month, you can always research and talk to your colorist about proper hair products that can do the maintaining in-between visits. Here at Fabio Scalia, we offer a variety of options for different hair colors, textures and desired styling. Our ORIBE lines specify in helping maintain your hairs integrity and beauty through styling products to conditioners and shampoos that leave the hair looking luminous after each wash. At Fabio Scalia salon, our dedication is to provide you with not only an honest and comforting experience in our salons but also to bring the luxury of good hair to your home. Schedule your appointment with us today in Soho Schedule your appointment with us today in Brooklyn Heights

With spring around the corner, our manes are in desperate need of a reboot. But improving the condition of your hair is many times easier said than done. Therefore, we have listed  3 detoxifying products to reset your hair and give it that extra shine and strength it needs. Milbon Scalp Treatment Whether your hair is dry and flat, your scalp oily, itchy or flaky, a Milbon scalp treatment is something we recommend all our clients to do. This will reset the scalp and help it replenish essential oils and moisture. In addition, the Japanese treatment increases natural shine as well as fullness and makes you leave the salon with hair you’ve only dreamt of before. While this treatment is done in-salon, we highly recommend boosting your strands with take-home masks as well.   Oribe Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner With volcanic ash powers this detoxifying mousse, which polishes away dirt, oil, and product buildup, your hair gets restored, with a new inner glow. Important to remember is that if you’ve recently had your color done, a clarifying shampoo & conditioner could make it fade quicker and we wouldn’t want that to happen! Label.m Diamond Dust Series Free from sulfates and parabens, the label.m Diamond Dust series comes in shampoo and conditioner, as well as a leave-in creme. It was developed to deliver ultimate nourishment while transforming your hair into beautiful, smooth and shiny hair. Schedule your appointment with us today in Soho Schedule your appointment with us today in Brooklyn Heights Fabio Scalia is an upscale hair salon in SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, New York. We offer services such as haircuts, styling, balayage, coloring and extensions.

On February 28, 1909, the first-ever National Women’s Day was celebrated in a way to honor women in the garment industry and to protest against the poor working conditions. In 1975, the United Nations (UN) officially marked March 8 an official holiday to celebrate and recognize the significance of women’s rights and world peace. It has been a day to empower all who identify as a woman, as well as addressing the political, social and economic challenges that have been faced throughout history. It is truly amazing to realize that only for 74 years - the UN signing an international agreement in 1945 to affirm principle in equalizing men and women - helping to create a continuous legacy of “internationally-agreed strategies, standards, programmes and goals to advance the status of women worldwide” (UN, 2019). And since, the progression of equality for all, and especially women, have and will continue to raise more questions and more strides in achieving that safe, powerful and equal world we all strive for in society. At Fabio Scalia Salon, we strive to cultivate a workplace culture that celebrates diversity, equality, and respect. As a place of comfort and supporting the health and beauty of all our wonderful clients, our salons are happy to celebrate this important holiday. Please join us this Friday and Saturday for special treats and complimentary mimosa in both the Brooklyn Heights and Soho salons, and let us together feel the dynamic of such a holiday in honoring women in our city and around the world.     Schedule your appointment with us today in Soho Schedule your appointment with us today in Brooklyn Heights Fabio Scalia is an upscale hair salon in SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, New York. We offer services such as haircuts, styling, balayage, coloring and extensions.

You haven’t washed your hair in the right way In order to receive a blow out that lasts for several days, your hair needs to be extremely clean. By that, we mean shampooing twice; the first time shampooing you are getting rid of any loose dirt and/or old product in which the shampoo will not produce much lather; the second time will produce much more lather because you are starting with a cleaner scalp. Keep in mind to massage your hair at the roots to give your scalp that extra boost it needs. You shower without a shower cap Showers are great, but moisture and humidity are not when you want to extend the life of your blowout. Tuck all of your hair into a terry cloth-lined shower cap (or any material cap should work) before showering and your blowout will stay preserved once you get out. You go to sleep with your hair down To prevent losing the volume you fought so badly for, put your hair upside down and gather your hair into a loose bun on top of your head before going to sleep. When you wake up the next day,  brush your hair gently and add some product to it, which reminds me- speaking of products. You are using the wrong products So you managed to achieve that amazing hairstyle you’ve always dreamt of. Now what? A good finishing spray with the right amount of texture will make your style look amazing for days. Styling should be easy and with the right hair products, with the right amount, and yes a little bit of dedicated time, you can get the results you wish for. You’re using the wrong brush If you’re looking for a voluminous, bouncy and glamorous look, a round brush should be your best pick. Today there are endless amounts of brushes, bristles, and materials that you left wondering what’s for what. Styling should not be at the expense of your scalp or your manes’ health. At Fabio Scalia Salon, we offer brushes of the highest quality from Italy created to help clients maintain the integrity of the hair while at the same time adding shine to the strands. These brushes also allow you to maintain your hair color better. Get yours in the salon today! Schedule your appointment with us today in Soho Schedule your appointment with us today in Brooklyn Heights Fabio Scalia is an upscale hair salon in SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, New York. We offer services such as haircuts, styling, balayage, coloring and extensions.

No backcombing, no weaving, just blowdrying. At Fabio Scalia Salons, the team always keeps its finger on the pulse of current trends and new techniques. Colorists often performing popular techniques of foil, balayage and all over, but today we are discussing a new and trending technique; highlighting the hair with only a board and a blow dryer. In today's blog post, Soho colorist Claudia DeCicco guides us through the process of getting the color you’ve always dreamt of. “The first step is to section the hair into five quadrants. From there I take sections, slice them and put the blow dryer to the strands to remove baby hairs. To make it easier, I clip the tiny hairs down and once my section is ready, I hold a paddle underneath it with the foil and simply brush on the color. I let the color process until the hair has lifted to the desired look and then simply rinse. Depending on the client’s hair, I would add a gloss and root smudge if necessary.” “Most people think that foils leave a brighter but also sometimes ‘stripy’ result and that’s why a lot of people are preferring balayage because they want a more sunkissed and natural looking outcome. However, with this new technique, you get the lift and brightness. In other words, you don’t have to choose between being bright enough and natural looking. In addition, it’s great if you want a long lasting result that looks amazing in between your visits to the salon.” – Claudia DeCicco   Schedule your appointment with us today in Soho Schedule your appointment with us today in Brooklyn Heights Fabio Scalia is an upscale hair salon in SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, New York. We offer services such as haircuts, styling, balayage, coloring and extensions.  

There’s no better feeling than leaving the salon with new and fresh hair extensions. At Fabio Scalia Salon in New York City, we offer Great Lengths – the most luxurious extensions on the market, made from ethically sourced, fully traceable non-chemically treated human hair. Knowing how to take care of your new strands can be confusing but no need to panic! In this week’s blog post, our stylist Luis Miller explains how to take care of your extensions properly in between salon visits. Luis, in a previous blog post we’ve touched the topic of taking care of your extensions. What is your tip for clients who just had them done? Clients who have never had extensions before tend to have this idea that the upkeep of hair extensions is very hard and tedious work, however, that is far from true. What I tell all my new clients is that the key to maintaining beautiful extensions is brushing! You have to brush your hair extensions daily, twice a day if needed. Always brush your extensions when they are dry, section by section, with movements away from the bond. Before and after by Luis Miller What about products? Should you use specific ones for the extensions? I would suggest investing in a good quality paddle brush, other than that some dry shampoo or dry spray will take you a long way. Avoid using greasy products. Got it! How often are you supposed to wash your hair with them in? Continue washing your hair as you normally would. Two or three times a week is good, just remember not to apply direct heat to the bond when you are blow drying and styling your hair. Other than that just have fun with them. Is it time to get extensions? Schedule your appointment with us today in Soho Schedule your appointment with us today in Brooklyn Heights Fabio Scalia is an upscale hair salon in SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, New York. We offer services such as haircuts, styling, balayage, coloring and extensions.

  The holidays are here. This is without a doubt the most joyful time of the year, but it can also be the most stressful time. Trying to get everything in order before the end of the year leaves little to no time to find the perfect gift for your partner, friend, or parent. But no need to panic! The amazing team at Fabio Scalia break it down for you and offer you their input on the perfect gifts this season.   Fabio Scalia, artistic director: For me, styling shouldn’t be at the expense of your hair and scalp’s health. Therefore, I would recommend one of our Fabio Scalia brushes. By using tools like this, you can massage and add shine to the strands at the same time. I believe that this also allows you to maintain your hair color better. If you want a long-term result and healthy hair, a good brush is definitely a well worth the investment. I dare to say that our brushes get better with time. Claudia, colorist at SoHo: My favorite product is Oribe’s Glaze for Beautiful Color, the reason why I love this product for my clients is that it gives the same hair shine and sealing effect a clear gloss would at the salon. Let’s be real who doesn’t love how shiny their hair is after color! Lucio, color director at SoHo: Oribe’s Power Drops are game changers. They come in three options Damage Repair, Color Preservation & Hydration Anti-Pollution

We have seen them on celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Ciara – faux bangs have been making their rounds in celebrity circles over the past year. Yes, you read it right. You can absolutely fake your fringe these days and it’s perfect for those who want to try the style without having to chop their actual hair. In this week’s blog post, stylist Luis Miller guides you through the process of wearing faux bangs like a pro. First, you want to start off by smoothing out the hair and tying it up in a high ponytail. Depending on the density of your hair you may want to split the ponytail in two pieces and pull the front piece forward over your head to create faux bangs. You want to drape them over your forehead and fan them out in a triangular shape. Ideally, your hair should reach past your eyebrows. Next, you want to secure your bangs by pinning them down using bobby pins at the base of the ponytail. Section what is remaining of your ponytail in two pieces and twist them around to create your bun and hide the bobby pins.  Finally, you can go over your new faux bangs with a flat iron, smooth them out and give them a bend at the bottom to give them an enhanced natural feel. Add texture to the bangs by using a dry shampoo or texturizing spray. – Luis Miller Schedule your appointment with us today in Soho Schedule your appointment with us today in Brooklyn Heights Fabio Scalia is an upscale hair salon in SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, New York. We offer services such as haircuts, styling, balayage, coloring and extensions.

The holiday season is just around the corner and with it comes the 3 F’s: Family, Food and Festivities. In busy times like this, easy and chic hairstyles come in handy. In this week’s blog post, Fabio Scalia explains how to get the perfect ponytail for the holidays. You might think that nailing a ponytail is easy but depending on how you do it, the results can vary a lot. The placement of the ponytail is a game changer for the outcome. Some people tend to love it high, others low and so on. According to Fabio, the first step is to determine the current state of your hair. Is it too soft? Does it need more texture? Or volume? Moving forward, Fabio suggests splitting the ponytail into two parts: one section from the ears to the top of the crown and the other one in the back. “I would start by ponytailing the back first with a grooming brush. To achieve the look you want, you need to tilt your hair so it falls in the direction as you wish to have your ponytail. Meaning, if you want it very high, you might have to flip your head over in order for gravity to make the process easier.” "If you want your look to be sleek, I recommend blow drying your hair in the direction as you want it. Sometimes our roots can be our worst enemy so to master this style, you might have to begin when the hair is wet." One common mistake lots of people are guilty of is putting too much hairspray. Try sticking to only use it to set your finished look. If you want your finish to be more “imperfect” you could add a dry texturizing spray and go in with your fingers to make it more “fuzzy.” You want to be able to master a ponytail. It is a chic, comfortable and perfect for a holiday party with family and friends. Schedule your consultation with us today in Soho Schedule your consultation with us today in Brooklyn Heights Fabio Scalia is an upscale hair salon in SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, New York. We offer services such as haircuts, styling, balayage, coloring and extensions.

Did you know that every two minutes a woman in the U.S is diagnosed with breast cancer? Over 40 000 American women and men die from breast cancer each year. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is dedicated to ending breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research. Women with early-stage breast cancer now have a 99% chance of 5-year survival. At Fabio Scalia Salon, we are incredibly proud to support the battle against breast cancer. For the remaining days of October, we will host a raffle in our two locations. By purchasing a raffle ticket you will not only support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation efforts, but you also get a chance to win an amazing basket filled with goodies including our favorite hair products, generously provided by Label.m, Oribe, and Nutrafol. There are more than 3.5 million survivors in the U.S today and together we can make that number higher.   Together, we can be the end of breast cancer.